FMCW Target Generator 


SkyRadar Target Generator for FMCW RadarsThe FMCW target generator operates with one patch antenna.  It consists of a measuring system to analyze the frequency modulation of the targeted radar  and of a target generator to jam the radar with artificial targets. The target generator is placed on a static tripod.

A comfortable GUI allows for easy operations with only short familiarization
time required.

Measuring System

This subsystem may be used for measuring RF characteristics of K-band receivers, transmitters and transceivers. It sends a programmable, highly stable carrier frequency from 23...25GHz to a 4x4 path array antenna.

At the same time, the RF generator is used as LO for the receiver.
The receiver part allows measuring incoming RF power at a separate patch antenna. It also delivers signals for a high precision frequency determination of the incoming RF signal.

Target Simulator

This subsystem simulates a moving object generating a stereo doppler signal.
It receives the 24GHz carrier signal of a K-band doppler module and sends back a signal corresponding to an approaching target with a programmable frequency of -9999Hz to 9999Hz, where the sign simulates the direction of the target.

Graphical User Interface

The target generator comes with a state-of-the art office type Laptop computer, allowing for control of the system and for visualization. 


  • CW VCO Transmitter 23...25GHz, 20dBm
  • Received Signal Frequency Measurement
  • Received Signal Power Meter
  • Active Doppler Target Simulator

Technical Specifications

The target generator consists of a digitally controlled synthesizer and transmitter, a selective receiver with power indicator and a synthetic Doppler target simulator.FMCW-Target-Generator



Transmitter frequency (digitally adjustable) 25.000 GHz
Frequency step width:   1 MHz/stp
Output power EIRP PTX (Typ) +17 dBm


Frequency range 23.000 - 25.000 GHz
IF1 bandwidth Band is centered around TX frequency  +/-350 MHz
IF2 bandwidth Band is centered around TX frequency  +/-1.6 MHz
Noisefloor IF1 full bandwidth -68 dBm
Noisefloor IF2 full bandwidth -89 dBm
RX power indicator range IF1 Power seen from RX-Antenna  -65.0 ... -10.0 dBm
RX power indicator range IF2 Power seen from RX-Antenna -86.0 ... -10.0 dBm
RX power detector resolution IF1 / IF2 0.1 dB
RX power accuracy IF1 / IF2 +/- 3 dB
RX frequency detector resolution  1 MHz
Frequency measurement error +/- 1 MHz
RX frequency detector sensitivity power range for reliable acquisition -50.0 ... -10.0 dBm


Doppler Target

Frequency range 23.500 ... 24.500 GHz
Doppler frequency range Software Adjustable 1 ... 9999 Hz
Aequivalent reflectivity (approximative indication)

Serial# < 1108xxxx  RCS  10 mm²
Serial# >= 1108xxxx  RCS 200 cm²


The FMCW Target Generator can be applied to experiment on the following subjects (selection):

  • Measure Frequency Modulation of Radar Source
  • Jam / Overdrive FMCW Radar
  • Create ghost targets

Parts (Basic Configuration)

The FMCW Target Generator consists of:

  • one (1) mounted patch antenna 
  • one (1) target generator box, including
    o   one (1) digitally controlled synthesizer and transmitter
    o   one (1) selective receiver with power indicator
    o   one (1) synthetic Doppler target simulator
  • one (1) office-type state of the art Laptop computer with pre-installed Control and Analytics software
  • one (1) cable set.


  • Computer(s) with latest HTML5 enabled browser. Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, MS Internet explorer, Opera and Safari are able to read HTML5.
  • SkyRadar FreeScopes (comes free with the FMCW Base Unit).
  • SkyRadar FMCW Base Unit