SkyRadar FMCW Base Module
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FMCW Base Module

At the heart of the system is an FMCW transceiver. A variable trigger wave allows to generate also a Frequency Shift Key Mode. In addition, the transceiver can operate in Doppler mode. The transmitter can emit very short pulses through the antenna and monitor the reflected pulses. The pulses are reflected of fixed objects (buildings, trees…) and moving objects (cars, people…) which pass the antenna beam. The FMCW Base Module  provides the opportunity to study Doppler effects.
The signals are digitally processed using a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), data is visualized through the analysis and visualization software SkyRadar FreeScopes.
The system comes the four configurations standard (up to 50 m), extended (up to 150 m), extreme (up to 450 m) and superhet (beyond 1000 m). The standard version comes with a horn antenna, extended, extreme and superhet version are equiped with an array antenna. All versions can be complemented with a parabolic reflector which helps bundeling the beam.

General Features

  • Active radar, designed for perfectly save indoors and outside operation in close and near range (transmitter output power significantly lower as such of a mobile phone)
  • The following operating modes can be technically enabled in the hardwarestativ_kmc1_cut.png
    o   FMCW
    o   Doppler
  • Antenna
    o   Standard: Horn Antenna , Extended / Extreme / Superhet: Array Antenna
    o   Default operation 24 GHz
  • Powerful and fast radar image processor.
  • All measurements are performed in near-to real time. No sub‐sampling or substitution techniques.
  • Optimized for detection of real targets in a 3-dimensional space within laboratories or outside , remote controlled remote controlled aircrafts. No limiting target table or rail system required.
  • Extendable with rotary tripod, parabolic reflector, linear conveyor for SAR operations


System Features

FMCW A-Scope

Power Requirements  12V, 5V
Output Density at the antenna -18 dbm / 63 mW
Maximum Range with parabolic reflector more than 100 m / 400 m / 1000 m / 1500 m
Sampling Rate 125 kS/s / 2 channels
Dimensions with array antenna: 230mm x 270mm x 100mm,
with horn antenna: 230mm x 270mm x ~170mm
Net Weight 1.00 - 2.00 kg


Model Standard Extended Extreme Superhet
Resolution at 180 MHz Bandwidth 83 cm  83 cm  83 cm  83 cm
at a distance of 50 m 150 m 450 m > 1000 m
Range 24 m (persons)
50 m (cars)
56 m (persons)
150 m (cars)

120 m (persons)
450 m (cars)

 200 m (persons)
1 km (cars)
Minimium Distance 1,5 m 1,5 m 1,5 m 1,5 m
Antenna Horn Array Array Array


Transmitter Features

Supply Voltage 12V
Supply Current 300 mA
Operating Temperature -20 … + 60 °C

Table: General operative characteristics of the Transceiver

  min. typ. max.
Carrier Frequency 24 Ghz 24,125 GHz 24,250 Ghz
Transmitter Output Power: 16 dBm 18 dBm 20 dBm
At IF, output voltage of    -6 dB  
Tx Power   -3 dB  

Table : Operative characteristics of the Transmitter 


Receiver Features

Antenna Gain  + 17 dBi
Sensitivity – 91 dBm
Overall Sensitivity - 106 dBc

Table : Operative characteristics of the Receiver (subsection of the Transceiver)