SkyRadar FMCW with patch antenna
FMCW Base Module

Introductory Videos into the FMCW Base Module 6.0

The plug-and-play Radar operates with max 75 mW, and can be started within minutes. It operates in FMCW, Doppler and FSK mode. With the rotary tripod it can rotate and pan, driven by a high precision servo motor. On a linear axis, it can be extended into a SAR. 

And Introduction into FMCW base module

The system has a radial resolution of 15 cm and a range of 40 m. It can be safely operated indoors and outside. The base module provides IQ raw data to unlimited concurrent student PCs. They all can manipulate the data independently with the comfortable free-of-charge FreeScopes software. A-scopes, B-scopes, PPI-scope, lots of filters and amplifiers are available. Students can also connect the system to MATLAB and analyze the IQ Raw-data directly. Developed for universities and ATCO/ATSEP in the frame of ICAO-based qualification. The training system is for civil use only.

FMCW Plug and Play Assembly

SkyRadar's FMCW training radar for civil Air Traffic Control Training and Qualification can be assembled within seconds. And then, many computers can connect concurrently and start manipulating the IQ data stream.

FMCW on a rotary tripod / disc

SkyRadar's PSR and FMCW base modules version 6.0 come on a rotary disc (& a tripod). The rotation is actuated by a servo motor and makes positioning and rotation very smooth and accurate.


FreeScopes operating the FMCW Base Module

Operating in CW mode (Radar: FMCW Base Module)

The video show the SkyRadar FMCW radar operated in CW mode to measure movements and speed. The example shows the process of calibration of the B-Scope to display the movements of the cars. The A-Scope shows the speed. We also exported to speed into a video screen. Even the movement of the person can be seen as peaks in the A-Scope.

Movement of a Sine Wave (Radar: FMCW Base Module)

We measure the vibration of a loudspeaker and are able to capture its movement and this the modulation of sound. Note that in contrast to a sonar, the radar does not capture sound. The radar operates in FMCW mode.

What is FreeScopes?

FreeScopes is a standardized browser-based graphical user interface for all SkyRadar applications. Learn more in the Overview and Description section.