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Clutter-Map and Clutter-Map-Subtraction Implemented in FreeScopes (Video)

In air traffic control, managing radar clutter is essential for ensuring both safety and operational efficiency. This article provides an in-depth look at the use of clutter maps and clutter-map-subtraction techniques, which are employed to filter out stationary and irrelevant objects from radar displays. By focusing on these advanced filtering methods, the article aims to shed light on how radar systems are optimized to allow air traffic controllers to concentrate on tracking moving aircraft.

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Zero Velocity Filter, implemented with FreeScopes (Video)

This article dives into the critical role of zero-velocity filters in air traffic control, highlighting how they improve radar accuracy by eliminating stationary objects from the radar display. A video shows an implementation with SkyRadar FreeScopes.

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Understanding Hastened and Delayed Range Deception in Electronic Warfare: Strategic Implications and Training Solutions (Videos)

Range Deception is a relevant approach used by aircraft and drones to deceive the supervising radars. 

Explore the intricacies of Range Deception in Electronic Warfare—a tactic used by aircraft and drones to mislead enemy radars. Learn how altering radar signal timings can affect an adversary's ability to accurately locate and target. Understand the strategic implications and countermeasures in this evolving field.

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The Role of the Doppler Filter in Radar Imaging (Video)

Explore Doppler filtering in radar imaging using SkyRadar's FreeScopes ATC II and SkySim. See how it refines target identification and reduces false alarms.

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iMM Tracking - Extension of Kalman Filter on the Lateral Position (video)

SkyRadar introduces an advanced object tracking methodology featuring both the linear Kalman filter and the interacting multiple model (iMM) filter. While the linear Kalman filter primarily focuses on longitudinal object positioning, the iMM algorithm expands capabilities to include lateral positioning, enhancing tracking robustness.

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Exporting Logs from FreeScopes and Analyzing in MATLAB (video)

FreeScopes "Record, Replay & Livestream" Module allows to transfer live (livestream) or recorded data to MATLAB or any other numeric computing environment.

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Multiple Plots and Tracks in FreeScopes (Video)

In this video we show how FreeScopes can track and differentiate multiple targets, plot the history dots and indicate direction and speed with a speed vector.

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Electronic Warfare - Detecting Conspicuous Phase Shifts Caused by Deception Jamming (Video)

To detect and remove/suppress the fake targets (range decepted targets) we implemented an algorithm for reflection power tracking. This algorithm consists of a search window of 5 samples and a tracking algorithm which tracks the return of reflected power within the sliding window (read the introductory article for reflection power tracking)

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Electronic Warfare - Reflection Power Tracking Algorithm to Neutralize Range Deception (Video)

This article introduces a "reflection power tracking", a statistical method to neutralize range deception. It shows a training implementation in FreeScopes.

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