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Understanding A-SMGCS Functionality – What is Important in a Tower Simulator?

Tower Simulators should comprise the A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System) to provide important simulations for routing, guidance, and surveillance for controlling aircraft. The ATCO will learn how to maintain the stated surface movement rate regardless of the weather conditions. 

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Technical Features of a Tower Simulator including an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS)

In the Doc 9830, ICAO defines Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control Systems (A-SMGCS ) as systems "providing routing, guidance and surveillance for the control of aircraft and vehicles in order to maintain the declared surface movement rate under all weather conditions within the aerodrome visibility operational level (AVOL) while maintaining the required level of safety" [1].  But what is required in a good simulator for A-SMGCS?

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