Ulrich Scholten, PhD

Ulrich is cofounder of SkyRadar, taking care of the procedural and software parts. He has been working for the aviation control market since the early 2000s, trying to blend qualification requirements in ATC with modern and scalable technical solutions. Ulrich holds a PhD in information technology and in several patents on modern radars. His research is regularly published in A-rated journals. Ulrich has spoken in 100+ Universities, Academies and Research Centers around the world and is co-editor of several security related blogs with more than 100.000 monthly readers.

Multiple Plots and Tracks in FreeScopes (Video)

In this video we show how FreeScopes can track and differentiate multiple targets, plot the history dots and indicate direction and speed with a speed vector.

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Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape in ATM: From Infrastructure to Human-Centric Focus

This article explores the general transformation of cybersecurity, shifting from conventional infrastructure to a human-centric approach. Applied to Air Traffic Management these new trends are catering to ATM and the role of Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel (ATSEP).

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Integrating CSIRT into ATSEP Structure: Achieving Optimal Incident Response for ANSPs

As Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and regulators seek to bolster their cybersecurity defenses, the debate over whether to include a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) within the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) structure or as part of an IT team remains ongoing.

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Enhancing ATSEP Training Compliance: The Importance of Practical Qualification

In the world of air traffic management, the training of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) is the backbone of safety and effective operations. The proper qualification of ATSEP professionals is vital for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of communication, navigation, surveillance, and technical systems in aviation.

To meet compliance standards outlined in documents such as ICAO 10057 and EASA Easy Access Rules ATM, practical training becomes a crucial element. This article emphasizes the significance of practical qualification and highlights the contributions of SkyRadar, a leading manufacturer of aviation training equipment, in meeting these requirements.

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Electronic Warfare - Detecting Conspicuous Phase Shifts Caused by Deception Jamming (Video)

To detect and remove/suppress the fake targets (range decepted targets) we implemented an algorithm for reflection power tracking. This algorithm consists of a search window of 5 samples and a tracking algorithm which tracks the return of reflected power within the sliding window (read the introductory article for reflection power tracking)

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Electronic Warfare - Reflection Power Tracking Algorithm to Neutralize Range Deception (Video)

This article introduces a "reflection power tracking", a statistical method to neutralize range deception. It shows a training implementation in FreeScopes.

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ATSEP, Hosting and Schrems II: Ensuring Data Protection in Remote Air Traffic Control and Virtualization

In the context of remote air traffic control operations and service virtualization, legal considerations regarding data sovereignty and data regionality come into play.

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Virtualization in ANSPs, Airports, and Airlines: Fostering Resilience, Efficiency, and Dynamic Interoperability

Unlocking resilience, efficiency, and interoperability in ANSPs, airports, and airlines through virtualization. This article describes how to optimize resources, enhance security, and drive success.

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Virtual Towers and their Impact on Remote Monitoring Architecture and ATSEP Qualification

The introduction of virtual towers, as defined in EUROCAE Standard ED-240A, and the remote working of Air Traffic Controllers and Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEPs) will bring a plethora of advantages for ATC. It also requires modern Remote Monitoring and Control Systems and a Specific Skill Set for ATSEP.

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