Peter Smirnoff & Ulrich Scholten

Peter Smirnoff has a long experience in Cryptography, both in industry and research. Peter has worked on the Windows Crypto API, OpenSSL, digital signatures, X 509 Certificates etc. He has profound implementation experience with PKCS-11 smart-cards as well on Linux and Windows platforms. Ulrich Scholten is a cloud entrepreneur and scientist. As a research associate at the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute, he researched network effects, emergence and control mechanisms in platforms and distributed cloud scenarios. He holds several patents related to radar technology.

A Cyber-Security Training Solution for ATSEP in Air Traffic Management

This article provides a reference setup of an ATSEP cybersecurity infrastructure, based on SkyRadar's ATSEP Cybersecurity Training Module. The main goal is to familiarize students with the most dangerous type of possible attacks, and teach possible countermeasures.

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