Ahmed El Marady

Ahmed El Marady is working as Safety oversight Inspector-Communication, Navigation and surveillance (CNS/ATM) at Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority. He is a member of the ICAO Study Cybersecurity Working Groups on Current and Future Air Navigation Systems as subject matter experts. Also, he is a member of the first ATM Data Security Action group in the ICAO MID region. In Addition, he is part of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society.

Studying Cybersecurity in Civil Aviation, Including Developing and Applying Aviation Cybersecurity Risk Assessment (IEEE-Journal Article)

The aviation sector is one of the fast growing sectors in the world due to the fast growth of air traffic density. Therefore, the management of air traffic receives significant important. Such a significant demand in air traffic density requires improvement in the capabilities of critical infrastructure in communication, navigation aids, aeronautical surveillance, and System-Wide Information Management (SWIM).

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