FreeScopes operating the PSR Base Module

Video Introduction into FreeScopes (Radar: PSR Base Module)

This Webinar shows how to configure SkyRadar's online radar GUI, called FreeScopes, It is able to operate live radars through a browser. The GUI includes an A-Scope, a B-Scope and a Plan-Position-Indicator PPI. The Software can be operated by many users concurrently.

Introducing Scopes and Controls for Primary Surveillance Radars (Radar: PSR-Base Module)

This video gives a general introduction into the scopes of PSRs. It talks about A-scopes, B-scopes, PPI, Sensitive Time Control STC, Moving Target Indication MTI, Tracking, Rotation and Panning and more. All is shown at the example of SkyRadar's close range training radar PSR Base Unit.



FreeScopes operating the FMCW Base Module

Operating in CW mode (Radar: FMCW Base Module)

The video show the SkyRadar FMCW radar operated in CW mode to measure movements and speed. The example shows the process of calibration of the B-Scope to display the movements of the cars. The A-Scope shows the speed. We also exported to speed into a video screen. Even the movement of the person can be seen as peaks in the A-Scope.

Movement of a Sine Wave (Radar: FMCW)

We measure the vibration of a loudspeaker and are able to capture its movement and this the modulation of sound. Note that in contrast to a sonar, the radar does not capture sound. The radar operates in FMCW mode.



FreeScopes operating the PSR/SSR Simulator

Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radars (PSR/SSR-Simulator)

Introducing the simulators on PSR-Pulse, CW, FMCW, SAR, iSAR and Secondary Surveillance Radar including ADS-B, Mode-A, Mode-B and Mode-S.

What is FreeScopes?

FreeScopes is a standardized browser-based graphical user interface for all SkyRadar applications. Learn more in the Overview and Description section.