SkyRadar FreeScopes

FreeScopes is SkyRadar’s online and offline Radar visualization and control software, including A-Scopes, B-Scopes, PPI-Scopes and more. SkyRadar FreeScopes allows for a large variety of manipulations on Q and I radar data, like STC filtering, Amplification, Doppler mode etc. When in reach of a SkyRadar radar module, it can measure in real-time.

SkyRadar Rotary Tripod

To allow for 360° (endless) PPI rotation, swivel modes or target tracking, SkyRadar provides a rotary tripod, equipped with a slip ring for electrical transmission and powered by a DC Motor. The unit also includes a compass.

SkyRadar SAR

SkyRadar Parabolic Reflector

A stainless steel parabolic reflector calibrated and optimized. The reflector is placed on a variable mounting with adjustable slope angle. It allows for focussed and more distant radar monitoring. Learners get an hands-on introduction into the reflection and focusing of radar beams.

SkyRadar CloudServer

SkyRadar CloudServer

The SkyRadar CloudServer operates as relay server, routing data messages between one or several radar devices and the clients who access the radars through the SkyRadar FreeScopes Software. The sever allows to connect the radar systems to university or academy networks and even to learning management systems.

SkyRadar Tracker

SkyRadar Tracker

SkyRadar Target Tracker is a fully automated target tracking device. Applying the Moving Target Detection (MTD) and Moving Target Indication (MTI) algorithms, it discriminates targets against clutter. Indicated targets are automatically tracked. For this, the radar antenna works in pivoting mode.


Target System

For indoor and outside experiments the remote controlled movable device for inside applications is able to move freely in the laboratory without any of the limitations of a target table or a rail system. It is part of SkyRadar’s Radar Training System.

Phased Array Beam Controller

Phased Array Beam Controller

Primary radar set to explain the electronic steering of a radar beam


For Air-traffic-control or homeland-security-oriented users, SkyRadar suggest a blend of in-house and outside experiments. For the outside experiments, SkyRadar offers a remote quadcopter model as part of SkyRadar’s Modular Radar Training System.

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