My colleague Volker recorded this short video of our NextGen Radars "singing" and "dancing" during release testing.It is so beautiful to watch them "dancing" in full synchronicity. Their singing reminds me on the chants of the whales. The sound originates from the controlled triggering of the step motors - highly accurate with an angular resolution < 1°.

Their rotational speed can go up to 10 rpm. In the center of the motor shaft, an industrial slip ring passes power, ethernet and USB data safely and without data loss to the rotating radar element on top of the motor box.

The beauty and the harmoninc sound of their movements should remind us engineers on the responsibility that we have. Radars are built to protect the skies, to provide "eyes" to IoT and connected mobility, to eHealth applications or Satellites. We should never use them to steer weapons or to bring harm to people.

It is up to us, the Engineers, Radar Officers, ATCOs and ATSEP, to use them responsibly. Let us be the good ones!

inspired by Saeid Fathollahpour

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