FreeScopes ATC I - Videos

NextGen 8 GHz: Catching Moving Targets with CFAR, MTD and a Heatmap (Video)

This video show several blocks in the digital signal processing chain that allow to enhance the visibility and tracking of moving targets. We show CFAR, Moving Targete Detection with Doppler Filtering, a Heatmap and the I and Q signals.

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Comparing Various Algorithms That Display Moving Objects (MTI, MTI PP, MTD, MTD DF) (Video)

In this video we show, compare and discuss  the implementations of several algorithms to detect or indicate moving targets. The signals are detected with SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Training radar and visualized with the FreeScopes Environment.

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A New Beautiful Video of Plots and Tracks with Speed-Vector in FreeScopes ATC I with the NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar (Video)

This article features a video which shows the plots and tracks as well as the speed-vector generated in FreeScopes ATC I. Students can build their block diagrams concurrently. After cleaning the signal, e.g. with the MTI block, they can add tracks and plots.

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