The video gives a quick introduction into Localizer Array Antenna Beamforming in SkyRadar's  NavAids simulator, made for ATSEP and ATCO personnel in civil aviation.

Localizer Array Antenna Beamforming

The simulation provides a hands-on experimentation environment for ATSEPs. The learner can freely place probes to measure antenna fields like in reality.  She or he can simulate localizer antenna systems, change CSB/SBO amplitudes and phases for each antenna. The user can modify the location of each antenna in the array. He and she have full control to model array beam-patterns.
You can select array configurations from a set of localizer systems, antenna configurations, positions and even choose between the common brands found in the market like the Normarc NM7212 or Alcatel THALES' 21-7 and other systems. Everywhere, the user can modify relevant parameters and analyze the impact.

The simulation wants to enable the ATSEP to apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate systems. 

ATC needs skilled professionals who are enabled and empowered to do more than the simple reproduction of memorized sequences of actions. ATSEP need to be able to analyze, draw rapid conclusions, fix errors and even suggest improvements when a NavAids system is under-performing.

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