SkyRadar's e-Learning courses Radar Basics and SAR Basics were developed with the focus on Radar Image Interpretation in cooperation with the IOSB, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany. Get free access!

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Part I - Radar Basics

This e-learning course includes six e-learning modules, covering the principles of radar and how to interpret radar images of airports, harbors or industrial facilities. It also includes valuable information on how to identify of specific types of industrial building objects in radar-based aerial images.

  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Operation Mode
  • Image Acquistion
  • Radar Effects
  • Image Resolution
  • RAR Systems

Part II - SAR Basics

This e-Learning Course includes 4 e-Learning modules, starting with the SAR principles around the Doppler Effect and guiding right up to procedures of SAR image interpretation and object oriented interpretation.

  • Doppler Effect
  • SAR Resolution
  • Operation Mode
  • SAR Processing



Release for distribution by the BAFA

Radar and SAR technologies are strong and quantitative sensing technologies. They are used in aviation, marine applications and increasingly in the context of the Internet of Things. However, there is the latent risk of dual use, i.e. for side-looking airborne radar applications in the context of military terrain scanning. Therefore the dissemination of SAR technology is restricted.

The German Federal Office of Export Control and Economic Affairs has now officially released the course for unrestricted distribution in the Internet.

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