SkyRadar is the only system provider world-wide offering an of the shelve e-Cargo and Cargo handling systems for Aviation academies and Airports. Get the details in this article.

The System provides an environment to train Cargo handling as regulated by IATA.

The system includes

  • A fully operational cargo handling system
  • A Cargo and eCargo simulator to train all relevant e-Cargo and Cargo Security processes
  • A Cyber-Security Simulator for the e-Cargo Processes
  • A Cargo and Luggage Scan Simulator

The Cargo Handling System



The Cargo Handling System is a training environment for the following subjects:

  • Cargo flow management, analysis and security-related optimization with SCADA and PLC control
  • Aviation security training including cyber-security training, procedural training, handling process security training, rapid recovery training (diagnosis, fault and attack identification)
  • Interface to the cargo handling simulator to include the e-Cargo process
  • ULD Configuration
  • The interconnection of the processes with Flight Plan and Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Interface to the Cybersecurity Training for eCARGO processes and secure supply chains
  • An operational Dual View X-ray scanner can be integrated into the solution.

For the technical details read on here.

The Cargo and e-Cargo simulator

The e-Cargo Training System provides an environment for technical and procedural training of aviation security and the CARGO supply chain as regulated by IATA and EU in the context of ACC3 (protected supply chain limited to certified forwarders, carriers and GHAs).

e-CARGO is the base module of a full CARGO laboratory.


e-Cargo is a training environment for the following subjects:

  • General end-to-end process training including the roles of forwarders, ground handling agents, carriers and customs
  • e-AWB (e-Airway Bill)
  • e-CSD (e-Cargo Security Declaration)
  • e-DGD (e-Dangerous Goods Declaration)
  • e-ACI   (e-Advanced Cargo Information)
  • ULD Configuration
  • The interconnection of the processes with Flight Plan and Flight Data Processing Systems

Get more technical details here.

The Cyber-Security Simulator for Cargo Processes

Cyber-Security becomes an increasing threat to international aviation. The training simulator is emulated into the e-Cargo system to generate attacks within the e-Cargo process. The simulator's goals are 

  • to teach the nature and impact of cyber-security threats and being able to judge cargo system threats and vulnerabilities
  • to teach analyzing latent threat-potential through security weaknesses in existing or new systems in a structured way and be able to close loopholes
  • Lastly to help learning to detect attacks and handle them with the objective to reach rapid system recovery and most limited damage.

It includes the following: 

  • Cyber-Security Training for CARGO processes and secure supply chains
  • Sniffer attacks
  • DDoS attacks
  • Trojan attacks
  • Insider attacks
  • Identity spoofing
  • and more


Read more about the Cyber Security Simulator for e-Cargo.

The Cargo & Luggage Scan Simulator for Safety & Security training

Pseudo-colors, grayscale, organic, metal!

This simulator provides capability for student with image interpretation skills and experience to be able to detect a wide variety of threat items within a restricted time.
The simulator represents a typical graphical user interface of an x-ray scanner with typical functions such as pseudo-colors, grays-cale, organic, or metal.

The scan-simulator is the base module of a full CARGO laboratory.

The system includes various x-ray methods and in manufacturer neutral. The teacher can set up ULDs to be analyzed by the students.



Read more about the Cargo and Luggage Scan Simulator.

In One Word

The e-Cargo process has lots of potential to make the aviation process more efficient and safe. SkyRadar's solution is the only end-to-end teaching environment that can help to implement, optimize and properly operate it.

As it is modular, academies can start small, or implement the whole solution in one go...

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