Primary Surveillance Radar PSR

Fully operational close range radar. The training system is operating in Pulse mode.

Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar FMCW

Fully operational close range radar operating in FMCW, Doppler, Frequency Shift Keying and MTI mode.

SkyRadar SAR

Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR

Hi resolution radar arrangement to artificially enhance the radar’s aperture and to create high resolution images.

ADS-B Radar

ADS-B Radar

This ADS-B live module tracks real ADS-B squitter signals and augments the received set of data and complements it with Mode A, C and S interrogation signals.

PSR & SSR Simulator

PSR & SSR Simulator

A set of comfortable simulators including simulators Pulse, CW, FMCW, SAR, eSAR, SSR, ADS-B, TCAS and more

Tower Simulator-2

Tower Simulator

Including ACC, APP, 3d TWR, GND and more !

RASS-S Training System

ATSEP training solution optimized for ICAO Qualification Training, Unit Training & Continuation Training

Accessories and Extensions for SkyRadar’s Radar Training Systems

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