SkySim Deception Package I -  Description & Datasheet


The Decepetion Package I enhances the SkySim radar simulator by integrating various jammers. Paired with FreeScopes, including the FreeScopes Defense modules Disturbance & Filtering and Analysis I & II, it enables practical training in countermeasures against electronic warfare attacks.

Included jammers are:

  • Spot Jamming
  • Barrage Jamming
  • Range Deception Jamming
  • Range Gate Pull-Off.

The jammers in the simulated jamming environment are able to match the following radar characterstics:

  • operating frequency
  • pulse repetition frequency (PRF)
  • pulse repetition interval (PRI)
  • pulse width

The simulator for Jammers can emulate Noise Jammers and Deception Jammers.



The scope of exercises in the fields which can be implemented with the DSP radar simulator is virtually unlimited. So we just state some fields of application here:

Detection of Jamming with "classical" methods
(FreeScopes series Basic I&II and ATC I&II are  required)

  • Variation of transmission power, frequency, pulse width, or apply frequency agility
  • Application of algorithms and filters like CFAR, FFT, MTI, MTD, or Kalman filter

Defense against Disturbances with intelligent algorithms
(FreeScopes series Disturbance Filtering & Analysis needed)

  • spot jamming detection
  • barrage jamming detection
  • active target detection
  • detection of range deception 
  • detection of range gate pull-off (RGPO)
  • clutter-map enhanced detection of RGPO
  • MTI enhanced detection of RGPO
  • MTD enhanced detection of RGPO
  • Kalman enhanced detection of RGPO

Barrage Jamming

Barrage jamming spreads energy across a wide frequency range. Such a jamming of an attacked radar requires high power to achieve a continuous coverage of various frequencies. Given the jammer's fixed total radiation power, this technique lowers the radars general efficiency as it leads to a low power density. But this technique is efficient when attacking radars which can vary their frequencies or radars which operate with several frequencies concurrently.

Spot Jamming

A workaround to the barrage jammer's low efficiency is spot jamming. Spot jammers jam in a narrow band, hence with a higher power density. Consequently it can raise the jamming signal power over a narrower frequency spectrum.

Active Target Jamming

An active target operates as a simplistic form of a reactive jammer. It detects radar pulses, amplifies them, and retransmits them after a slight delay caused by the cable length and the electronic components involved. This results in the surveillance radar perceiving the amplified pulse at a greater distance than the original target. The purpose of this amplification is to diminish the reflectivity of the actual target to below the clutter level, effectively masking its presence.

The simulated active target works comparably to SkyRadar's hardware jammer.

Range Deception

Range deception is created through DRFM jammers, which are placed on intruding aircraft or drones. Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) jammers digitally capture and retransmit RF signals. In the case of range deception, they delay or advance the "reflected" signal. First the DRFM creates a cover pulse over the real target's reflection. It is much higher than the reflection of the real target. The surveillance radar reduces the gain in this range gate with electronic circuits at the radar receiver, in order to control the amplitude of the covered pulse. We call this Automatic Gain Control (AGC). The consequence of this cheat: the real target disappears below clutter level.

Range Gate Pull-Off

Range Gate Pull-Off (RGPO) is an electronic countermeasure technique used to deceive radar systems by gradually increasing the delay of the returned echo signal. This creates the illusion that the target is moving away from the radar, causing the radar's tracking gate to follow the false target and lose lock on the actual target. RGPO effectively disrupts the radar's ability to accurately track and engage the target.


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