Is the PSR & SSR Simulator a Software or a Hardware Product

The SkyRadar PSR & SSR Simulator consists of several simulators which are accomplished in software and pre-installed on a high performance industrial server.


It includes the simulators onPSR-SSR-Simulator

  • Pulse,
  • CW,
  • FMCW,
  • SAR,
  • eSAR,
  • SSR,
  • ADS-B,
  • TCAS
  • and more.  

A comfortable pseudo-pilot screen allows to set the scene and to place aircraft (with different positions, speed and height) in the sky.

An unlimited amount of concurrent Controller Work Positions (CWP) can analyze primary and secondary radar images through scopes like A-Scopes, B-Scopes or PPI-scopes.

Read more on the PSR & SSR Simulator.

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