FreeScopes ATC II - Videos

The Role of the Doppler Filter in Radar Imaging (Video)

Explore Doppler filtering in radar imaging using SkyRadar's FreeScopes ATC II and SkySim. See how it refines target identification and reduces false alarms.

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iMM Tracking - Extension of Kalman Filter on the Lateral Position (video)

SkyRadar introduces an advanced object tracking methodology featuring both the linear Kalman filter and the interacting multiple model (iMM) filter. While the linear Kalman filter primarily focuses on longitudinal object positioning, the iMM algorithm expands capabilities to include lateral positioning, enhancing tracking robustness.

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Comparing Various Algorithms to Monitor Moving Targets (Video)

This video illustrates how to monitor moving targets through various alternative algorithms. It provides an easy to follow introduction into the setup of a radar block diagram and its scopes (A-Scope, PPI) using previously recorded IQ data.

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Surveillance of Moving Targets - Comparison of MTD & Kalman Filter (Video)

This video compares the MTD algorithm and the Kalman filter. The use case is a moving target, in this particular case a person moving zig zag in front of SkyRadar's 8 GHz NextGen Pulse radar.

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