We prepared a short video for you. We chose our 4 m x 4 m metal workshop as location. So you see how the radar and FreeScopes handle clutter and work in small unfavorable environments. You also get a feeling on the UI's basic features and the comfort.

The whole FreeScopes video is a one take recording. It shows how rapidly you get great quality images.

With this intro, we just scratch the surface of the ice, talking about range, threshold and showing how the screen autoadapts to exploits the available data to its best.

We present the same data concurrently on an A-Scopes and a PPI. Best watch the video in HD, so you do not miss anything.

Take a short break and enjoy.

In the sequel of this series, we will present features like STC, C-FAR, MTI, Doppler effects etc.

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New call-to-action