SkyRadar's FMCW and SAR Product work together.

The FMCW radar (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar) is a Continuous Wave radar where the transmission signal is modulated in frequency. The FMCW based module operates with high resolution radar transceiver, 3 receiving channels and a phase-locked loop transmitter.

The FreeScopes software allows for comfortable control of the system. Several frequency modulated continuous wave forms are made possible (triangle, saw-tooth, square and FSK).

The software also provides calculation and visualization for the Synthetic Aperture Radar extension. 

In fact, the basis of every Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is an FMCW radar.


Watch this video to see how it works:

The SAR signal is produced as follows:

  • The SkyRadar FMCW base module is mounted on a linear axis and moved horizontally along the target (plug and play). This is the same principle as applied by a side-lobe radar in an aircraft.

  • After every defined displacement the FMCW shoots a radar image

  • In a continuous approach, the SAR analysis software integrates
    (based the SAR algorithm) the images into a high resolution image.

  • During the SAR process, the images are updated permanently - the image improves visibly. 


The SAR system includes a means of sophisticated clutter elimination: 

Step 1: the location is scanned without the target

Step 2: the location is filmed with the target

Step 3: the image of the location without the target is deducted from the image including the target. The same principle is used with operational radars, where electronic maps with the pre-scanned clutter (e.g. buildings) are deducted from the image with target.

The final image of the above shown experiment will look similar to this one:


Get more details on how FMCW and SAR work together.

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