Is SkyRadar PSR-Open-Ver.2.0 (SkyRadar Scopes) still available for supply

We often are asked whether the software SkyRadar PSR-Open-Ver.2.0 (SkyRadar Scopes) still available for supply. Many users and academies liked the included features.Actually we have evolved a lot since we published the early version of "Scopes". The current version, which we call FreeScopes comes free as UI to most of our products (it is part of PSR Base, FMCW Base). 

How does it work?

FreeScopes is a standardized browser-based graphical user interface for all SkyRadar applications.

It allows for 

  • plug-and-play availability of all SkyRadar products
  • no installation or maintenance of the software on the student computers (apart from exceptional cases, e.g. in the context of ILS, when voice communication is required)
  • 100s of concurrent users, working simultaneously on the same applications and radars (enabled through a private cloud server, located at the customer site).
  • drastically reduces system costs per user and makes SkyRadar the most economical training system (using real radars!) in the world
  • allows for easy and effortless expansion of the system (e.g., when adding additional primary or secondary radars)
  • accelerates the learning curve of students, as they are accustomed to the comfortable SkyRadar learning environment

Used as a standardized user interface for Pulse, DopplerFMCW and SAR radars, it provides all important scopes and control elements for the application. 

  • Scopes: A-Scopes, B-Scopes, Plan-Position-Indicator for PSR and SSR, Synthetic Aperture Radar Screen (SAR), inverse SAR (iSAR), Oscilloscope to visualize Frequency Shift Keying, 
  • Control Elements: Amplifiers and controls for synchronizer, receiver, signal processor (filters and amplifiers), motor control, as well as controls for the scopes (amplification, color setting, etc)

The get the most updated technical data, please look at the FreeScopes section.

Here an example on calibration in FreeScopes.


And here an example on STC:


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