SkyRadar has released a new version of its airport rescue and firefighting solution. This article features videos and gives an executive overview.

ICAO and FAA Qualification Requirements for ARFF


Main scenarios to train on to qualify in compliance with ICAO are:

  • large fuel spill 120 m2
  • undercarriage wheel and brake fire
  • turbine fire / jet engine 
  • 3D-fire (meaning: strong horizontal and vertical fire, eg explosion of tank)
  • cockpit fire
  • cabin fire
  • complete: inner smoke and inner dark


FAA goes a bit further. Additional requirements are i.a.:

  • bigger fuelspill
  • Communication interface on fire truck turret to create communication with cockpit and cabin
  • HRET fire truck piercing training (High Reach Extendable Turret)

ARFF Training and Qualification

SkyRadar and its partners can provide

  • 3D simulation (focus of this blog)
  • hardware ARRF training infrastructure
  • remote and presence training
  • conduction of  ICAO audit
  • training needs assessment
  • ARFF equipment assessment

ARFF 3D Simulation Software

The simulation infrastructure consists of 3 elements

  • the simulation, where students walk outside or inside the aircraft and conduct training tasks. Many students can work in the same or parallel sessions. If students work in the same session they can see eachother and can work in teams.
  • the training scenarios which can be composed around the above described ICAO/FAA scenarios and more. SkyRadar's experts can provide them or the end customer implements them locally. A composition tool allows to implement tasks, fire behavior and score for the trainees.
  • the trainer graphical user interface to check and guide the students.

The following video shows an outside sequence.

This video shows interior sequence:

The following video shows a scenario with heavy smoke development. Watch how the smoke creeps along with the ceiling.

Talk to us to learn more about our ARFF training solutions.

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