SkyRadar produces integrative FireFIghting Trainers, including Hardware and 3D simulation (which can run independently). Our clients appreciated this, and we were motivated to expand the range of simulation scenarios, including the the oil and gas segment.

Initially we focussed on the typical installations like Kerosine tanks which are typically placed in proximity of the airports. But we kept on adding, more, gas purification processes like propane, desalination processes, and various refinery processes.

In the following video you see a methanol process. It communicates with hardware firefighting scenes, so that various fires like tank fires, explosions, and the correct firefighting procedures can be practiced in reality and virtual reality combined.

What you see in this video is the distributed control process for the Methanol processing, which reflects the sanity of the system and sends alarm statuses.

We can include your Airport Firefighting Process and your Oil-and-Gas related firefighting process, including training and audits of you like.

Talk to us to learn more about our ARFF training solutions.

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