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SkySim Radar Simulator and Military Extensions

The most modern solution in the market!

General Simulator

  1. Design
    The simulator is based on a simulated radar model with parameters like
    1. Detection probability (variable depending on the simulated radar)
    2. False alarm rate (variable depending on the simulated radar)
    3. Range (variable depending on the simulated radar)
    4. Range resolution (variable depending on the simulated radar)
      And for the targets:
    5. Target RCS
  2. Modulation - Waveform
    1. Rectangular pulses (variable)
    2. PRF (variable)
    3. Pulse width (variable)
  3. Noise / Clutter
    1. @Receiver side --> thermal noise on the receiver.
    2. Clutter 
    3. Artificial Jamming (Noise, Active Target, Deception Jamming)
  4. Transmitter
    1. Stimulated emission power is based on the required Signal-to-Noise ratio SNR
    2. SNR is a function of Pd, Pfa and pulse integration
    3. Ptx (minimum value) calculated from the Radar equation
  5. Antennas
    1. Radiator Tx for Radar and Jammer
    2. Collector Rx for Radar and Jammer
    3. Sending Lobes and Side lobes like a real radar
  6. Simulation
    1. Spectrogram can be used for Jamming detection 
    1. Adding targets on the simulation environment
    2. Add Spectrogram of Simulated Wave-Forms
  7. Propagation environment
    1. Sampling Rate
    2. WavePropagation
    3. Operating frequency
    1. Define the propagation channel between radar and target
  8. Simulator Output
    1. JSON Data usable for SkyRadarPlatform
  9. Signal Processing will be done in FreeScopes, based on
    1. IQ Data
    2. Power Detection


The jammers in the simulated jamming environment are able to match the following radar characterstics:

  • operating frequency
  • pulse repetition frequency (PRF)
  • pulse repetition interval (PRI)
  • pulse width

It can emulate the following jammers

  1. Noise Jammers
    1. self noise radiation
    2. Gaussian noise
    3. barrage jamming
    4. spot jamming
    5. cover-pulse 
  2. Deception Jammers
    1. repeater jamming
    2. digital radio frequency memory jamming (DRFM)

The supply of the jamming add-on is subject to EU regulation. This is not an attack simulator and it does not train jammer attacks. It trains security protection and defense as required in context of malicious and accidental disturbances for civil and military aviation infrastructures.

Ask for additional information on the FreeScopes Defense modules against jamming attacks (FreeScopes ATC Disturbance Filtering & Analysis).

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