How Can I Set the Detection Probability of a Cell Averaging CFAR of the Radar?

Constant false alarm rate (CFAR) detection is an adaptive algorithm used in radar systems to detect target returns against a background of noise, clutter and interference.

You can set the CFAR parameters to have a specific probability of false alarm Pfa like 1e-6.
The probability of detection Pd is then determined based on the Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR) of the target.

The Pfa, in Cell Averaging CFAR (CA-CFAR) depends on

  • the receiver type
  • the window size,
  • the guard cell and
  • heavily on Threshold

In a simple case, in Gaussian noise, we can determine the threshold based on the Pfa with the Q-function (a mathematical definition for an integral in Cumulative distribution function of the Gaussian probability distribution).

In SkyRadar's CFAR application you can play on all parameters apart from the receiver type (which is part of the hardware of the radar).

You can also compare it to other algorithms like static threshold or STC.

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