Detailed Information in Compliance with Standards and Regulations of SkyRadar's Aerodrome Simulator

New call-to-actionSkyRadar's aerodrome simulator builds on a fully operational ATC / ATM System (with many operational references) connected to a simulation environment. Being implemented by many civil aviation authorities, it has by default to be compliant with ICAO standards and national regulations.

The solution presents a completely unified and holistic simulation of the ATC environment capable to prepare and produce / simulate

  • airspace with all its properties such as AIP based elements real and fictive
  • weather conditions
  • traffic in the airspace in the air and on the ground as an analogy of the natural environment of an operational ATC / ATM System, creating the illusion that it sits in its „normal“ environment and technical context.
  • Generation of normal as well as abnormal / emergency situations
  • High efficiency teaching tools based on cognitive psychology research.

Compliance to ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards

Design of the system is fully in compliance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards and recommendations and the manufacturer is certified for design, development and implementation of Aviation Ground Facilities. This means that all components of the simulator are designed, developed and manufactured according to the same quality and reliability standards as operational ATM Systems.
Simulator is built around a standard ATM System embracing it by sources of simulated data as if these were coming from real sensors, CFMU, adjacent sectors, meteo systems etc.

New call-to-actionCompliance to Aviation Standards

In particular, the solution is compliant with the following norms and aviation standards:

[1] ICAO ANNEX 2 – Rules of the Air
[2] ICAO ANNEX 10 – Aeronautical Telecommunications
[3] ICAO ANNEX 11 – Air Traffic Services, Air Information Services
[4] ICAO ANNEX 14 – Volume I - Aerodrome – Design and Operations
[5] ICAO ANNEX 14 – Volume II - Heliports
[6] ICAO Doc 4444-RAC/501 Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services
[7] EUROCONTROL - Standard Document for Surveillance Data Exchange Part 1, Part 4, Part 7
[8] EUROCONTROL - Common Operational Performance Specifications for the future Controller
[9] EUROCONTROL - ODID IV Simulation Report
[10] WGS 84 Information and methodical guide
[11]  EUROCONTROL – Simulation Facilities for ATC Training, HUM.ET.ST07.3000-REP-02
[12] ICAO Doc 8168  - Aircraft Operations
[13] ICAO Doc 9432 – Manual of Radiotelephony
[14] EUROCONTROL – EGD Part 5 - Communication and navigation specifications VOICE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM (VCS) -  2.0, 1.10. 2002 STS-EGIS.COM.VCS
[15] EUROCONTROL - Standard Document for Radar Surveillance in En-route Airspace and Major Terminal Areas - SUR.ET1.ST01.1000-STD-01-01
[17] ECCAIRS 4.2.6 - Data Definition Standard: ATM Ratings and Endorsements 12.1.2006


Compliance to Software Standards and Regulations

The design of software products is based on the following standards and regulations
[18] ESA PSS-05-0 ESA software engineering standards;
[19] ESA PSS-05-0 Guide to software verification and validation.
[20] ISO/IEC 12207 Systems and software engineering

Compliance to Engineering Standards

The solution is compliant to the following engineering standards and other technical standards:
[21] IEC 654-2  Operating conditions for industrial-process measurement and control  equipment. Part 2: Power;
[22] EN 55022   Limits and methods   of measurement of radio   disturbance characteristics of   information technology equipment.
[23] EN 60950-1   ed. 2:2006 + A11:2009   Information Technology Equipment - Safety - Part 1: General Requirements
[29] NMEA 0183 Interface Standard Version 4.00
[30] RFC 1305 - Network Time Protocol (Version 3) Specification, Implementation and Analysis
[31] EIA – RS 232 / 485, EIA/TIA 568
[32] RFC 768  - User Datagram Protocol
[33] RFC 791 - Internet Protocol
[34] IEEE  802.3-2008 IEEE  Standard for Information  technology-Specific requirements  - Part 3: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CMSA/CD) Access Method and Physical Layer Specifications

Compliance to additional Standards

The solution is also compliant to the following standards
[35] Law of the Czech Republic 22/1997 Sb.
[36] EN ISO/IEC   17050-1:2005 Conformity assessment -- Supplier's declaration of conformity -- Part 1: General requirements
[37] EN ISO/IEC 17050-2:2005 Conformity assessment - Supplier's declaration of conformity - Part 2: Supporting documentation

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