Can we do inhouse measurements and experiments with PSR


The ideal trainer for inhouse experiments is the PSR

It allows you to conduct measurements and experiments in a classroom or lab - either when presenting with a video projector, or by giving all your students access concurrently.

SkyRadar actually allows an unlimited number of concurrent students in the system, but when you exceed 5 concurrent students, we suggest to use the SkyRadar CloudServer to manage the students, otherwise the radar would slow down because of the increased concurrent traffic.

SkyRadar provides close range and high resolution training radars optimized on didactical operations, in the lab and outdoors.

When working with our radars, the students and the professor get IQ raw data on their FreeScopes software (browser based, no installation necessary).

SkyRadar is operating on 24 GHz, with low beaming power (lower than a mobile phone. -2 dbm) and has a resolution of 30 cm. It can operate in a very accurate way in ranges from 1 m to 30 m.
You may even take the system outside, to do measurements over longer distances (up 40 m, but with a lower resolution).

We can do experiments like:

  • Experiments on Pulse and Doppler
  • Experiments on A-Scope, B-Scope and Plan-Position-Indicator (PPI)
  • Calibrating a radar using amplification, filters and settings
  • Experiments in a fixed position as well as through panning and rotation (rotary tripod required)
  • Estimating the distance of objects based on the scale of the PPI, the A-Scope and B-Scope
  • Speed measuring capabilities with integrated Doppler mode (up to 20 km)
  • Moving target indication
  • Experiments on amplification of source as well as of the signals
  • Clutter processing e.g., through Sensitive Time Control (STC)
  • Radar Cross Section (RCS) analysis allowing for an understanding of the varying detectability of objects based on material, absolute and relative size, reflection angle, distance and strength of the signal.
  • Allows analyzing performance and false alarm tolerances through adjustment of the sensitivity.
  • Adjustable decision threshold allowing for experiments on background noise.
  • And much more.

Look at typical experiments on PSR:

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