Can We Connect Several Radars to the SkyRadar CloudServer

We can connect an unlimited number of radars and simulators to the CloudServer

The CloudServer is -from a technical perspective - a message queue. It manages the data streams and provides them to the user who wants it.

And the other way round:

User data that should reach a radar or simulator is managed by the CloudServer.

So, could you theoretically connect 5 PSRs, 16 FMCW, and 12 PSR-SSR-simulators? Yes, and we'd love to get the order for them. And you can connect 1500 students.

But relax: you can start small, and buy more radars afterwards. The CloudServer finds them and adds them automatically to your choice menu.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more info. The systems are more economical than you think.

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