Teaching Material

Teaching Situation
Teaching Situation

Radar Training System comes with a set of sophisticated training material. The SkyRadar teaching material (in English Language) consists of: 

  • A curriculum for the train-the-trainer seminar
  • The transparency hand outs (on CD ROM) from the Train-the-Trainer Seminar. They can be used and adapted unlimited in time within the training purposes of your academy.
  • Training Manuals with Defined Learning Objectives and detailed content.
  • Test Manuals
    • Students’ versions,
    • Teacher versions which include the answers and potential side comments.
    • Product Manuals. Those are the user manuals which explicitly explain how to use a specific SkyRadar training hardware and software.

It is provided to our customers of the SkyRadar PSR and SSR suite.

Contact us and ask for SkyRadar’s modular Radar Training System.