PSR Security

Part #: SkyRadar PSR-Security-Ver.4.1

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The Security module is part of SkyRadar’s Radar Training System. It builds on the PSR Module and is made for homeland security and military oriented radar training. It allows training on Electronic Counter Measures as well as Electronic Counter Counter Measures.

SkyRadar Security
SkyRadar Security

The Security Module consists of:

  • Electronic Counter Counter Measure Functionalities (ECCM) (software as add-on to the SkyRadar Navigator.
  • One (1) Computer-controlled hardware for Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)
  • One (1) Laptop with SkyRadar Security Software installed
  • One (1) CD-ROM with SkyRadar Security software installation pack
  • One (1) software license

The Security Module comprises of a hardware based target generator, which is able to create ghost targets. The system is connected to a Laptop. Supported by a configuration software, it serves as hardware jammer to create disturbances. The Security Module further includes Electronics Counter Counter Measure functionalities (ECCM), which are implemented as additional software licenses to the SkyRadar Navigator. Various exercises can be conducted on the system to react on the multiple possible attack strategies and ghost targets.

SkyRadar Security Hardware Features

Parameter Range Unit
Frequency range

24,000 – 24.250


Doppler frequency range

44 – 8600


Simulated speed range

1 – 200


Output power range

1 – 100


Antenna gain



Antenna polarization


Overall gain

32 -36


Operating temperature

0 – 60


Supply current battery



Supply currnet USB



SkyRadar Security
SkyRadar Security

SkyRadar Security Software Features

  • Electronic Counter Measure System (ECM), accomplished, piloting the hardware of the ghost-target generator
    • Diverse functionalities.
    • Comfortable HMI.
    • Allowing for various and ECM exercises.
    • Electronic Counter Counter Measure software
      • Diverse functionalities.
      • Comfortable HMI.
      • Allowing for various cross section and ECCM exercises, i.e. the identification of ghost targets as well as the handling of malicious disturbances.

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