SkyRadar Scopes

Part #: SkyRadar PSR-Open-Ver.2.0

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The SkyRadar Scopes are part of SkyRadar’s Radar Training System. It is comfortable computing environment to read, manipulate and store data. It is an integrated part of all SkyRadar PSR modules. It can be operated in TCP/IP connection with the SkyRadar PSR Unit (Wireless LAN or Ethernet). The number of concurrent users is not limited to the SkyRadar PSR unit.

ScopeOverviewsIn the context of a SkyRadar PSR delivery, the Scopes consist of:

  • One (1) license for SkyRadar Scopes software activation
  • One (1) CD-ROM with all necessary software to install and run the SkyRadar OpenNavigator.
  • One (1) Operating manual on CD-ROM in English language.


Parts of the SkyRadar Scopes are also available as free downloadable product, named “FreeScopes”

In the context of a SkyRadar Radar Training System delivery, the SkyRadar Scopes consist of:

  • One (1) downloadable software and license for SkyRadar Scopes software activation
  • One (1) set of recorded SkyRadar raw radar data records in *.sky format

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