SkyRadar ToGo

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The low cost, all-in-one and ready-to-use radar system for indoor and outside applications, applicable for close and medium range radar measurements, able to measure in distances up to 400 m and speeds of 400 km/h. SkyRadar ToGo comes in the standard version and in the Superheterodyne expansion for extended performance ( exceeding 400 km/h and distances of 1000 m).

SkyRadar ToGo
SkyRadar ToGo

Key Features:

  • Operating in FMCW, Doppler, FSK and Mono Pulse Mode
  • Comfortable graphical visualization including A-Scope, B-Scope and Raw-data representation
  • Short range 24 Ghz transceiver with Dual 30 patch antenna
  • Parabolic reflector
  • Beam aperture 25°/12°
  • Recording for Doppler and FSK Mode

Success Stories:

SkyRadar ToGo was successfully applied for high speed measurement in the Austrian Air challenge, measuring speeds of up to 379 km/h.