About Us

SkyRadar is a consortium between the German system manufacturer M-Engineering and the UAE-based Think-tank and Technology Investor VentureSkies.

SkyRadar is chaired by Professor Eric Moskwa and Dr. Ulrich Scholten. It allies European and Asian researchers, developers and professionals from the ATM, homeland security and radar world. The synergy between the market view, the pedagogical view and the research input lead to targeted high quality radar solutions, optimized for pedagogical applications and personal safety. Given the limitation of budgets in education and training, the team have made sure to create solutions that are affordable for every institute and customer.

SkyRadar Germany
Am Schmachtenberg 11
58636 Iserlohn, Germany

SkyRadar France
E. Space Park
45, Allée des Ormes
06250 Mougins, France

SkyRadar Bulgaria
Boulevard Totleben 53-55
1606 Sofia, Bulgaria