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Cyber Security in ATC - Looking at Threats, Technology, Teams and Training

Watch the webinar and get the slides with all details and link-lists on ramping up your cybersecurity professionally.

SkyRadar blends the teams' competence in radar technology and cybersecurity. Here are the four Ts in Cybersecurity

  • Threats - Who are the attackers and how do they attack?
  • Technology - What proactive and reactive technology do I need to apply
  • Teams - what they do, how to build them
  • Training - whom to train and how

The webinar includes in-depth information about Cyber Security in ATC - Looking at Threats, Technology, Teams, and Training. Fill out the form and let's get started.


Get the detailed slides on Threats, Technology, Teams and Training, including background information and many links to helpful information and sources.

Training Solutions on Cybersecurity

Breach & Attack Simulator for ATSEP Qualification

SkyRadar blends the teams competence in radar technology and cybersecurity to create a qualification environment for cyber-security.

The training system includes scenarios like:

  • attack scenarios: sniffer attacks, insider threat, trojan horse, identity spoofing, upstream attacks, etc.
  • defense scenarios: firewall, SSL, 2 factor authentication, code signing, electronic IDs etc.


Monitoring System for ATSEP

SkyRadar's Monitoring Training System for ATSEP. It trains ATSEP on rapidly locating errors or points of system degradation, on rapidly fixing them and keeping downtimes short.

The system includes a pedagogically enhanced monitoring environment. It connects to the various training laboratories by SkyRadar including

  • the 8 GHz Training Radar, motor and server
  • the Radar and Tower simulator
  • simulated ATC environments, individually available for each student
  • a representative hardware infrastructure
  • technical training labs, enabling to set up a monitoring system and to train error fixing

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