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Test SkyRadar's Breach & Attack Simulator for ATSEP Qualification

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SkyRadar blends the teams competence in radar technology and cybersecurity to create a qualification environment for cyber-security. The solution helps developing the following skill-sets:

  • Understand the nature and impact of cybersecurity threats and being able to judge  system threats and vulnerabilities
  • Learn to analyze latent threat-potential through security weaknesses in existing or new systems in a structured way and be able to close loopholes
  • Learn to detect attacks and handle them with the objective to reach rapid system recovery and most limited damage
  • Learn how to collect data and improve the ATC security infrastructure in a sustainable way.

The training system includes scenarios like:

  • attack scenarios: sniffer attacks, insider threat, trojan horse, identity spoofing, upstream attacks, etc.
  • defense scenarios: firewall, SSL, 2 factor authentication, code signing, electronic IDs etc.

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