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RASS-S Training Radar for ICAO-based ATCO training

Set up a radar similar to the radar on your site!

The RASS-S radar is usefull throughout the more advanced training sections like unit and continuation training.

Wherever there is a RASS-S system installed, this training solution is vital forunit training to train the technical solutions available at the site.

During refresher and emergency training, the ATCO-students can accomplish competencies related to the management of emergency and non-routine situations and the subsequent competency elements and performance criteria. RASS-S is important to detect system discalibrations or malfunctionnings around primary and secondary radar. 

This system trains these competencies, without putting at risk the security of the operational environment.


The system consists of a primary surveillance radar subset (2.4 - 2.8 GHz) and a secondary surveillance radar subset. It is managed by a training server, optimized on ATSEP training.

The primary and secondary radar RASS-S system are actuated by corresponding radar signals, emitted by training radars. In addition, the secondary radar receives real ADS-B live signal sources. The measurements are recorded. The ASTERIX output can be passed through the CloudServer (extension) to 100+ computers for concurrent measurement and learning experience.

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