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Surveillance Simulator for
ICAO-based ATSEP training

Pulse, CW, FMCW, SSR Mode A/C and S, ADS-B and more!

A set of simulators support training through the ATSEP student's learning path. The system can be used in classroom training (e.g., for instructor presentations) as well as in self-learning contexts. The system is particularly interesting for remote learning phases, e.g., during refresher phases. E.g., abnormal and emergency situations can be played through.


The broad range of included simulators makes this simulator suite a useful tool in many ATSEP learning contexts.

  • Operating Modes: Pulse, CW, FMCW, SSR (Mode A/C & S), 
  • Scopes (enabled through FreeScopes)
    • A-Scope
    • B-Scope
    • Plan-Position-Indicator (PPI)
    • For secondary radar:
      • Pulse Diagrams and table Sidelobe Suppression, uplink format (UF), downlink format (DF), DBS registers
      • Pseudo Pilot Screens
  • For primary radars:
    • Amplification of raw signal (IQ signal) at receiver
    • Amplification of filtered signal in the scopes
    • Sensitivity Time Control (STC)
    • Signal Threshold and Limiter
    • Range Calibration and Extension
    • Cutting out selections of the signal range
    • Moving Target Detection and Indication
    • and more

The simulators serve for demonstration purposes in the basic phases and helps e.g., with familiarization and configuration in later stages (e.g. emergency, when there is a system failure).

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