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Multi-Modal Surveillance Radar for ICAO-based ATCO training

Set up a radar similar to the radar on your site!

The multi-modal radar is usefull throughout the more advanced training sections like unit and continuation training.

The system allows to assemble a radar similar to the radar present at customer site. User interfaces can adapted on local conditions. 

During refresher and emergency training, the ATCO-students can dive deeper into the architecture of the primary radar system. Students can accomplish competencies related to the management of non-routine situations and the subsequent competency elements and performance criteria.


The multi-modal radar operates with an S-Band Tx/Rx radar and uses a computer-based control-center to visualize A-Scope and B-Scopes, as well as to manipulate parameters (power, pulse-width), filters, amplification and to look at aspects like clutter or Doppler. The basic setting consists of an S-band antenna (placed or pointing outside through a window), several radar modules which can be replaced in a plug and play approach and an CloudServer which reads the radar's IQ data and communicates it to the computers .

In pulse mode, the transmitter can send very short pulses through the antenna into the environment and the receiver will monitor static (buildings, trees...) and moving objects (cars, person...) which pass the antenna beam. In FMCW mode, the user can operate with frequency modulation. Alike aircraft in the sky or on the runway, the moving cars or people allow to study I/Q data, MTI and Doppler effects. The signals are digitized, processed and recorded using a DSP, data is visualised in the control center. The basic module can be extended by a monopulse unit, a field analyzer, a test interrogator and more.

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