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Tower Simulator (ACC, APP, 3D TWR, GND)


The simulator includes a detailed documentation of hardware, software, handling and exercise preparation.

The following set of documentation is typically accompanying the system supply:

User documentation

  • CWP manual
  • Pilot Manual
  • Supervisor Manual
  • Database Preparation Handbook

Project documentation

  • System Specification Document
  • System Test Document with test procedures
  • Data Specification Package

Service and Maintenance documentation

Service and Maintenance Manual, which includes a range of chapters covering system and components descriptions, regular maintenance description, troubleshooting, operating and storage conditions, wiring and cabling diagram, powering instructions etc.

Introduction Video

3D Models, Screens, Consoles, Scenarios

This video gives a rapid introduction into the breathtaking environment of the Tower Simulator

What is FreeScopes?

FreeScopes is a standardized browser-based graphical user interface for all SkyRadar applications. It is browser-based and does not require any local installation. FreeScopes is fully scalable and allows for 100+ concurrent users experimenting independently on the Controller Working Positions of the PSR / SSR Simulator. Learn more in the FreeScopes Overview and Description section.