Training Radars

SkyRadar is the world-wide leading manufacturer for Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radars that are made for indoor and outdoor application. SkyRadar's training radars are perfectly safe for human use. The user community includes universities, aviation academies, military or marine users, as well as corporate users.

The systems have been conceived to respond to highest expectations from professional as well as pedagogical points of view.

Radar Algorithm Development Services

Benefiting from SkyRadar's experience in radar algorithms and IoT integration, many companies and government institutions use the company's profesisional development services.

SkyRadar is headquartered in Luxemburg. It is a brand by 
VentureSkies S.a.r.l.
Rue Haute 2

6680 Mertert


SkyRadar Primary Surveillance Radar
SkyRadar Primary Surveillance Radar